#OrenGTeam takes Sunway Lagoon!

Oreng Academy Staff Retreat: Bonding and Adventure at Sunway Lagoon

Being in the cybersecurity industry, our team is always at the foreground of running tests and meeting with clients to ensure their data and information is protected with the highest integrity. It is essential to maintain a harmonious and productive team in this fast-paced and at times overwhelming environment. At OrenG Academy, we are always looking for ways to help our team to decompress and keep our team motivated. That’s why we recently embarked on a staff retreat to Sunway Lagoon, a renowned waterpark in Malaysia. 

Discovering Sunway Lagoon:

Sunway Lagoon, nestled in the vibrant city of Petaling Jaya near Kuala Lumpur, was the perfect choice for our staff retreat. The park boasts six unique parks, each offering a different adventure. From thrilling rides in the Amusement Park to the educational wonders of the Wildlife Park, there was something for everyone in our  team.

Retreat with a Purpose:

Our staff retreat at Sunway Lagoon was designed to be more than just a retreat. It was a strategic opportunity for us to strengthen our team’s unity and enhance collaboration. The attractions at Sunway Lagoon provided the ideal platform for us to engage in fun challenges, which promoted teamwork and communication skills. These activities were simply enjoyable, and undoubtedly improved our team dynamics.

Splashes of Fun at the Water Park:

The Water Park at Sunway Lagoon was a unanimous favorite among our team members. From thrilling water slides to lazy river rides, we had a blast cooling off and letting loose. The laughter and shared experiences in the water park created memorable moments and further solidified our bonds. The highlight of the staff retreat is getting on the rides under the heavy rain and simply splashing around while soaking wet, reminiscent of kindergarten activities.

Our staff retreat to Sunway Lagoon achieved our primary goal – strengthening the bonds between our team members. By sharing exhilarating experiences, overcoming challenges, and having a great time together, our team returned to work with a renewed sense of unity and motivation. The retreat cultivated deeper connections, which are now translating into improved collaboration, enhanced productivity, and a more positive work environment at Oreng Academy.


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