2023 Recap

As the digital landscape evolves, OrenG Academy proved its mettle in 2023 by not only excelling in technical achievements but also by fostering a strong corporate culture. Beyond managing various cybersecurity projects, delivering training sessions, and coordinating the efforts of our dedicated team, we achieved a milestone with the launch of our Center of Excellence. Let’s delve into the multifaceted achievements that defined our success last year.

Project Prowess: Managing 77 Concurrent Projects We took on an impressive 77 projects concurrently in 2023, proving our exceptional ability to handle multifaceted challenges. The sheer volume of projects underscores OrenG’s versatility and commitment to addressing the diverse cybersecurity needs of its clients.


Knowledge Amplified: Delivering more than 87 Training and Workshops Education is a cornerstone of effective cybersecurity, and OrenG Academy went above and beyond in 2023. We delivered a staggering amount of training sessions and workshops, empowering professionals across various industries with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape. These educational initiatives not only benefited clients directly but also contributed to raising the overall cyber resilience of organizations.

Team Synergy: A Cohesive Force of 37 Dedicated Teams Behind OrenG’s success lies a powerhouse of talent – 37 dedicated teams working collaboratively to drive innovation and excellence. From penetration testing experts to threat analysts and ethical hackers, each team played a crucial role in fortifying our presence in the industry. 

1. Center of Excellence: A Hub for Innovation and Expertise

 The highlight of our achievement in 2023 was the inauguration of our Center of Excellence. This strategic move solidified the company’s commitment to innovation, research, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in the cybersecurity domain. The center serves as a hub for industry-leading experts, fostering collaboration, and providing a space for the development of cutting-edge solutions to address emerging cyber threats.

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2. Brand Reinvention: Elevating Corporate Image

We continued our upward trajectory by reinventing our corporate image. The introduction of new corporate shirts, lanyards, and other branded merchandise created a cohesive and professional appearance. This not only boosted employee morale but also projected a unified and polished image to clients and partners, enhancing the company’s standing in the competitive cybersecurity landscape.

3. Townhall Event: Open Communication and Transparency

OrenG Academy continued to prioritize open communication with a comprehensive townhall event. This platform facilitated transparent discussions between leadership and employees, sharing the company’s achievements, addressing concerns, and outlining the vision for the future. The event showcased our commitment to fostering an inclusive and communicative work environment.

4. Raya Open House: A Celebration to Remember

In the midst of technical triumphs and corporate achievements, OrenG Academy stood out in 2023 with a Raya celebration that will be etched in the memories of all who attended. As we continues to lead in cybersecurity, this unforgettable celebration serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

5. Team Retreat: Nurturing Collaboration Beyond the Workplace

Understanding the importance of teamwork, we organized memorable team retreats in 2023. This retreat went beyond traditional team-building activities, fostering genuine connections among team members. In a relaxed setting, collaboration and idea-sharing flourished, strengthening the bonds among employees and contributing to a more cohesive and motivated workforce.

In 2023, OrenG Academy didn’t just excel in cybersecurity; it embraced a holistic approach to success. From enhancing its corporate image through branded merchandise to fostering open communication via townhall events, maintaining good rapport with clients through events and nurturing team collaboration through retreats, the company has set a benchmark for excellence in both technical prowess and corporate culture. As we continue our journey into the future, it stands as a beacon of success in the cybersecurity landscape.


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