Internal Training with Mr Zukernain Wook

Last week, #OrenGTeam had the chance to attend an internal training focusing on improvement on career performance and potential at our own Center of Excellence.

The all-day training session was conducted by certified HRDC trainer and aspiring Tiktok influencer, Mr Zukernain Wook.

The management at OrenG Academy prioritizes the development and potential of our employees by fostering a culture of continuous learning and driving innovations for long-term success.

This internal corporate training program was designed to empower the #OrenGTeam to unlock their career potential, equip them with the necessary tools and strategies, and guide them towards a fulfilling and rewarding professional journey.

Everyone came ready in the many versions of #OrenGTeam sports jersey and took part in energizer activities and inspiring sessions provided by the trainer. We even had time to celebrate our colleague’s birthday and also a promotion announcement to boot! Once again, happy birthday to our dearest colleague Zulaiha, and our heartiest congratulations to En Zul on your promotion!

Overall, the training was indeed a success as participants had an enjoyable and fruitful day together, with new and improved insights on their own self-potential and values.


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