Our Cybersecurity Training Center Gets a Facelift

As a leading cybersecurity consultant with our own training centre for our cybersecurity courses, creating an environment that inspires and engages participants is key to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and at ease during training sessions. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the remarkable transformation of our Centre of Excellence (COE), a training center that embraced the enchanting Secret Garden concept. Explore how fresh decor breathed new life into the dining area, pantry area, training area, studio area, leisure area and our scenic lakeview balcony making it the ideal event space, especially as the venue for our cybersecurity training.

A Blooming Dining Experience

The dining area is where networking and discussions thrive during cybersecurity training events. Imagine savoring your meals surrounded by lush greenery and floral accents. The Secret Garden makeover introduced vibrant floral centerpieces, leafy wall hangings, and botanical-themed tableware, creating an atmosphere of serenity and rejuvenation.

Cybersecurity Training with a Whimsical (and always full) Pantry

A well-equipped pantry area is essential for any training center. To align with the Secret Garden theme, this space was adorned with whimsical touches like hanging plants, aesthetic vases and floral-patterned decor. It offers a delightful escape for cybersecurity consultants during breaks, fostering creativity and collaboration. The special feature of the pantry in our COE includes:

  • A capsule coffee machine that enables you to get a sip of Starbucks during your event
  • An unlimited snack trolley that features 90s snacks and traditional keropok
  • A freezer full of ice-creams
  • Juice boxes and free-flow drinking water

Blossoming Knowledge in the Training Area

The heart of the training center is, of course, the training area itself. The Secret Garden concept seamlessly integrated technology with nature. Large windows brought in natural light, and our ceilings feature subtle floral decor. The goal was to inspire cybersecurity professionals to grow and learn in a secure and inviting environment. It is also equipped with the essential audio visual equipments needed to conduct training sessions, ones that we offer or your own private training sessions. Click here to explore more on our services.

Studio Area: Where Ideas Flourish

Right next to the dining area is the studio area. A Secret Garden makeover introduced cozy seating, green accents, and live plants, making it the perfect space for taking photos as a commemorative moment. This refreshing ambiance encourages brainstorming sessions, strategy discussions and innovative thinking.

Leisure Area: Relaxation Amidst Nature

After intensive training sessions, participants need a place to unwind. The leisure area cum main entrance embraced the Secret Garden theme with comfortable seating, botanical decor, and a pool table. It provides a serene escape for cybersecurity professionals to recharge and reflect.

The Highlight: Scenic Lakeview Balcony

One of the most enchanting features of our Secret Garden-inspired cybersecurity training center is the picturesque balcony that offers breathtaking views of the serene Tasik Putrajaya. Imagine stepping out onto this oasis during your training sessions, where you can take a moment to soak in the beauty of nature. The balcony is adorned with grass mats, creating a seamless connection between the lush greenery inside and the natural splendor outside. It’s the perfect spot to pause, reflect, and recharge, allowing you to return to your training sessions with renewed focus and inspiration. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee at sunrise or unwinding with colleagues as the sun sets over the tranquil waters, our lakeview balcony provides an unforgettable backdrop to your cybersecurity training experience.

The Takeaway

The Secret Garden makeover of this cybersecurity training center has not only transformed it into a captivating event space but also created a haven for cybersecurity consultants to enhance their skills and collaborate effectively. Embracing the fusion of nature and technology, this refreshed training center is poised to bloom as a top choice for cybersecurity training events. Come and experience the enchantment for yourself! Take a look at our satisfied guests here.

Will You be Next?

Are you ready to elevate your cybersecurity training experience to new heights? Our Secret Garden-themed training center offers more than just knowledge – it provides an immersive and refreshing environment that will inspire your cybersecurity journey. From the blooming dining area to the tranquil leisure space, every corner has been meticulously designed to enhance your learning and relaxation. With cutting-edge facilities and a touch of natural beauty, our event space is the perfect choice for cybersecurity training. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique setting!

Ready to book our Secret Garden-inspired cybersecurity training center for your next event? Contact us now to secure your dates and experience the blend of excellence, comfort, and floral charm. Unlock a world of cybersecurity possibilities in a captivating setting. Click here to book today!


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