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History of OrenG Academy

Established in 2018, OrenG Academy is a 100% Bumiputera company that focuses to become Malaysia’s first Network Security Development Center. We provides diverse solution including Training and Workshop, Knowledge Sharing & Technology Updates, Network Assessment, Application Assessment, Security Assessment, Cyber Defense & Offenses Simulation Range, Network Visibility & Monitoring Solutions and Training Facilities to a variety of customers from both government and private sectors.

We believe participants will have full concentration with practice in fun and interactive session and devotion as well as conducive environment without any disturbance during the training sessions. To ensure successful implementation of the skills sets taught during our training, we allow for extensive interaction between our trainer and participants allowing each participant to receive more assistance with individual needs. As an educational provider and consulting company, we extract business value from the experience gained on multiple projects and apply to your custom needs. 

We tailor made our deep details technical offerings and workshops to suit customer projects, environments and needs, which make our learning experience even much more fun, efficient and you can apply directly to your environments. Our ultimate goals are to ensure the “transfer-of-knowledge” increase your competencies and enhance the skills that need to be build, design, maintain and operate in cyber warfare. 

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